Episode 68 – Hadouken

This is what happens when we let chapters build up. We talk about chapters 484-486. It looks like we got to record another episode a lot sooner than usual. Make sure to take the survey that is posted on the site.

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Fans voted who would appear with Gintoki on a cover of JUMP.

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SSAA Podcast Network Survey

For those of you who don’t know, Just A Gintama Podcast is one of many podcasts under our SSAA Podcast Network banner. We wanted to hear from all of our listeners to see what we can do to better improve our shows. So indulge us for a few minutes and take this survey.

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Here the results for the cover contest! no surprises Hijikata is the winner and Okita is 2nd, Shinpachi is not 8 anymore!! xD

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Gintama JUMP Cover + Top20 from that poll

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Gintama will be on the cover and front color page for the next issue.

The twist to this is that the characters who will appear on the front cover were selected based through votation of sorts (think AKB48 style votation, the one they call ‘general elections’ where the top members who win get to sing the next single) advertised way back in previous issues.

Issue #21 will be on sale next week, 4/21!

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Reposting the latest minisode about our trip to Anime Boston.


Minisode 18 – Anime Boston 2014

We finally got a new minisode out. Like we mention in the last episode, Anime Boston was going to be a thing. Turns out, we ended up having a panel and a fan meetup. All great stuff we could have mentioned to in the last episode but we didn’t get emails in time. So, here is what you missed.

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Show Notes

The impromptu podcast that we recorded with the hosts of the Unofficial One…

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Top 10 insults against the creator and sunrise.
Top 10 making fun of other Jump series.
Top 10 serious moments
Top 10 tear jerker moments
Top 10 quotes
Top 10 dick jokes
Top 10 Shinpachi’s.
Top 10 characters
Top 10 episodes
Top 10 opening songs
Top 10 ending songs
Top 10 OST tracks
Top 10 arcs
Top 10 mini-arcs
Top 10 stand alone episodes
Top 10 pop culture references
Top 10 reasons to watch Gintama
Top 10 uses of censorship
Top 10 Justaways
Top 10 list of Top 10 lists

need to make more of these…

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What con should I make a panel for?


Here is our latest episode in audio form. We will be recording a new episode about Anime Boston soon enough.